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With access to over 350 colors, FSD can create the look you’ve always wanted on ANY firearm. Revolvers, shotguns, lever action, and ARs – single color to advanced camoflage, we’re excited to bring new life to your gun!

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Get the latest tips, tricks, hints, and learn more about your AR than you ever thought possible with our online encyclopedia, videos, and articles! Check out our library of educational pieces, all about the AR platform!

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Welcome To Fighting Sheep Dog

The All-AR store with the funny name

Do we sell dogs? 

Do we sell guns? 

A lot of speculation has been made regarding the name of our store. Just like the AR-15, it turns out there’s a LOT more to “Fighting Sheep Dog” than meets the eye!

Click below to learn the reason behind the name of our store.


Why “Fighting Sheep Dog”?








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