A lot of information can be found online regarding the .223 Wylde chamber…but so can a lot of myths and misinformation! So today, we’ll examine the .223 Wyle chamber and answer a few questions along the way!

To put it simply, a barrel’s chamber determines what type of ammo can be shot through the particular rifle or handgun. In this instance, we’re discussing the .223 Wylde chamber.

It’s important to note that .223 Wylde refers to a chamber in the AR-15 barrel. It is not ammunition. (So you can’t buy .223 Wylde ammo anywhere. Anyone trying to sell you some probably has some swampland in Florida for you, too!)

The .223 Wylde chamber was developed by Bill Wylde, a resident of Illinois. In fact, the .223 Wylde chamber wasn’t Wylde’s first venture into the firearms industry. He’s actually well-known for many other innovative designs. More on him at another date.

Wylde wanted to create a chamber that kept all the accuracy of the .223 cartridge…without all the pressure and reliability issues that the 5.56 was known for.

The result of his mad science-ry was the .223 Wylde chamber, which allows you to shoot either .223 or 5.56.

I’m sure you’re saying, “But any barrel chambered in 5.56 can also shoot .223. That’s not news.”

No, no it’s not. HOWEVER – the .223 Wylde chamber wasn’t developed JUST to shoot either caliber of ammunition. It was developed for ACCURACY. Like “half MOA” kind of accuracy (with the right

In fact, after it’s development, the Canadian military adopted the .223 Wylde chamber in their AR-15s.

In fact, the barrels did so well with the Canadian military, that many Sport Rifle Competitions are held, utilizing the Wylde chamber using 80 grain bullets. And many companies (like Black Rain Ordnance – which we carry here in the store) ONLY sell firearms with the .223 Wylde chambering.

So, if you want accuracy, reliability, dependability, and many other -ilitys, the .223 Wylde chamber is the way to go.

Now, there’s something important to keep in mind.

Just like the .223 Wylde chamber, the 300 AAC chamber is also a mere barrel swap in a 5.56 upper.
Just like the .223 bullet, the 300AAC also fits in most mil-spec AR-15 magazines.

However, a 300AAC round in a .223 Wylde chambered barrel WILL stovepipe, if not blow up.

PLEASE be sure to clearly mark your magazines and uppers to denote what chambering and load are in each.

Whether you’re looking to get into competitive shooting, or just want better accuracy from your AR-15 for shooting coyotes off your back porch, the .223 Wylde chambering should be the next barrel consideration for your AR!