At Fighting Sheep Dog, we realize that guns don’t buy guns. Ammo doesn’t buy ammo. PEOPLE buy guns. PEOPLE buy ammo. For that reason, we have established the FSD Customer Bill of Rights to show you, our customer, the Level 10 Experience we strive to give you each and every time you do business with us:

  • You should never feel like you’re interrupting or bothering us when you stop by the shop or call us to check on the status of your repair/refinish.
  • You should expect our gunsmiths to return your firearm as clean (or cleaner) and properly lubricated after they’ve finished with their work as when your firearm came into our shop.
  • You deserve a gunsmith who is knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant, and of the highest moral character to repair/refinish your firearms.
  • You deserve full satisfaction with our products and services or we will redo the repair/refinish, free.