It’s not just a gun. You’re not just a client. We’re not just a gun store.

Meet the FSD Team!


John Young

John Young, founder and owner at Fighting Sheep Dog – John’s first gun was a Winchester Model 10 his grandfather gave him. That love of family and firearms, plus his years in the US Marine Corps lead to the creation of company you know and love today. (Working 20 years in the family business didn’t hurt, either!)

During his time in the Marine Corps, John achieved:

  • Meritorious promotions up to Gunnery Sergeant, USMC
  • Graduated Top of the Class in both Nuclear Ordnance (1994) and Aviation Ordnance (1995)
  • Mag Chief Over War Reserve, CNFK Det P’hong, South Korea (1998-2000)
  • Ask John anything and he’ll answer it beyond anything you thought imaginable. A walking encyclopedia of firearms and ballistic information!

    John’s favorite gun to shoot right now is his custom 18” AR-15 chambered in 6.5 Grendel with the Thunderbeast suppressor. (Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk)

    Rachel Young

    Rachel Young

    No family business is complete without the matriarch, Rachel Young! Slow to the gate when it comes to guns, Rachel quickly found a love in everything that goes bang! Running the retail Showroom and handling the marketing for FSD takes up most of her time, but Rachel loves getting out to the range whenever possible.

    Her favorite gun to shoot right now? The NEMO Omen Recon in 300WMMG with the Dead Air Sandman suppressor! (Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk)


    KJ Young

    KJ Young, oldest son of John and Rachel Young has worked on firearms as a gunsmith for as long as he could hold a gun. Recently, KJ made the move into the retail Showroom for FSD as a member of the sales Team. With a unique perspective on firearms (having repaired or customized just about anything FSD has seen come in the door), he can oftentimes recommend services or parts that wouldn’t be readily obvious to the untrained eye.

    KJ’s favorite gun to shoot? A belt-fed M249 SAW fully automatic machine gun. (Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk)


    Michael Harris

    Michael Harris started his FSD career as a customer! His 300 WMMG bolt action with the US Optics scope was in dire need of attention. Another gunstore made it unsafe and FSD made it right again. Mike’s love of reloading, optics, and long range shooting makes him a great fit for the Sheep Dog family!

    Mike recently made the transition from FSD sales in the Retail Showroom over to the FSD production shop to work on custom builds. He’s a genius when it comes to reloading, optics and long-range precision shooting, and has been instrumental in assisting FSD with our new state-of-the-art Cerakote oven as well!

    Before FSD, Mike spent 23 years working for the Ford Motor Company and was rated one of the top technicians in the United States!

    His favorite gun to shoot right now? His custom 12.5” AR-15 in 5.56 with the Sig Sauer Tango 6 scope and Silencerco Saker suppressor, of course! (Photo courtesy of Oleg Volk)


    Henry Eichler

    Henry Eichler is one of the most recent additions to the FSD family! Henry cut his teeth performing maintenance on full-auto Howitzers in the US Marine Corps (Fleet Surface Support/FSG). Later, he worked at Destructive Devices Inc (DDI) in Knoxville building AK-47s for civilian use.

    Needless to say, if you were going to have a custom AK built anywhere on the planet…now, more than ever – FSD is the RIGHT place to be!

    At FSD, Henry is also in charge of custom prototype development and works side-by-side with FSD owner John Young to ensure only the most bad-ass parts get the seal of approval.

    Henry’s first gun was a Savage Stevens 22/20ga combo. His favorite now is the AKM series of rifles, but his EDC and competition gun is the FNX-45 tactical. He says, “I probably shoot that pistol more than anything else I own.”


    Jeremy Fraker

    Jeremy Fraker (photo coming soon!) is the newbie at FSD as our lathe and mill technician! Jeremy’s time in the Marine Corps was spent as a mortarman while overseas (Weapons Battalion). At Fighting Sheep Dog, he fits in like a glove!

    He’s even jumped right in to get hands-on with both our new 3D printer and vinyl plotter.

    The sentence that got him hired? During the interview, when FSD-owner John Young was telling Jeremy about other firearms that FSD has worked on, Jeremy’s reply was simply, “Sir, I just love the AR-15. It’s all I’ve ever loved. If I can, I’d work on ARs until the day I die.” Yeah, we bleed cordite around here too, Jeremy! Welcome aboard!

    Jeremy’s favorite gun to shoot is still his Glock 23, his very first purchase after receiving his handgun carry permit!