John Young

John Young, Lead Gunsmith at Fighting Sheep Dog, received his first gun at age 10, a Winchester single-shot 20 gauge which he used for deer hunting

John is a Former Marine. He was active in the USMC from 1994-2001 and was an ordinance technician and detachment armorer for CNFK, US Marine Corps Detachment P’ohang in South Korea.

While in the Marine Corps, Young had access to a multitude of firearms and heavier weaponry which he says helped develop the skills he uses as a gunsmith today.

He’s proud to run Fighting Sheep Dog, a family owned an operated business. In fact, Young’s 3 children work alongside him on some of the simpler projects. “It gives them a sense of pride and hones their skills as craftsmen,” John says.

In his off-time, John enjoys staying up-to-date on world affairs and ‘taking down the bad guys’ with his sons on Battlefield 3.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

Wife to John Young and homeschooling mother of 3, Rachel handles the marketing, shipping and sales for Fight Sheep Dog.

What Rachel lacks in firearms experience, she makes up for in stellar customer service – returning phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.

Looking for a specific firearm, ammo, or magazine? Get Rachel on it – she won’t stop until she’s found what you’re looking for!

Rachel is a proud owner of multiple firearms herself and actively teaches her children the importance of knowing firearms safety AND a gun owners’ rights.

When she’s not teaching the kids or working in the shop, Rachel enjoys gardening, spending time with the family’s German Shepard (Greta), and quilting.