Beware the Firearm Store that says, “You can get your gun transferred for ‘as low as’ $20″…because things aren’t always as they appear.

In this instance, a local gun store is charging $20 for a transfer…as long as the firearm is “used” or a “collectible”.

Of course, if it’s a “new” gun, they want to know how much you paid for it. Why? So they know how much to CHARGE you!!!! Yes, the more you paid for your gun, the more they want to do the transfer (as much as $45!!!)

Help me understand our competitors – are they PUNISHING you by charging you more for NOT buying your gun through them?

If you’ve never seen our talk on “what goes on behind the scenes at a gun shop when you buy or transfer a firearm”, let me give you the Reader’s Digest version:

For starters, the gun must be immediately checked into the inventory. This takes all of 30 seconds per gun. (Our competitor indicates that it takes one to two days for them to process it).

Next, our competitor says that YOU should keep track of where your gun is and call THEM to see if it’s ready to pick up. I don’t get this. Why is it the customer’s responsibility to keep up with OUR business? Having a gun transferred should be the EASIEST part of the buying process! We always call/email our customers to let them know their gun is ready for pickup – even if its a transfer.

Finally, the background check is one item with 3 pages of information (only 1 of which YOU, the customer, fill in). The check typically takes all of 5 minutes – and that includes the time it takes you to fill out the application.

There is NO REASON why your transfer fee should be dependent upon the price (or “newness”) of your firearm.

Seriously – the government has their hand out enough as it is. Why are some gun shops making you divulge more information about your purchase – just so that they can hope charge you more as a result?

At Fighting Sheep Dog, we don’t want to retire off of your firearms transfer.

We’d rather get to know you on a first name basis.
We’d rather be a trusted source of information on your next purchase.
We’d rather be your gunsmith of choice, rather than ‘that shop you hate to have to use’ when you buy a gun anywhere else.

And our transfers are $20 total – regardless of what type of gun you bought or how much you paid for it (and that includes the cost of the Background Check).

That’s $10 transfer fee (per gun), and $10 TBI Background Check. Buying more than 1 gun? Easy peasy. If you transfer 2 guns, it’s $30 (2 $10 transfer fees, $10 background check). Just that simple.

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We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you soon.