internetSometimes, you gotta remember that due diligence trumps it all. Contrary to popular belief, if you read it online, it is not always true (Bonjour!)

Take for example, today’s post from The Firearm Blog. They claimed that a gun store told another gun store that the ATF had changed it’s ruling and that you couldn’t get fingerprints from a kiosk, but that you were now forced to go to law enforcement in order to get any fingerprints for Form 1 (short barreled rifles) or Form 4 (suppressors) NFA items.

This, to put this rumor to rest, is COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSH*T. If you click on the link in the article, a brief read will put all worries to rest.

The ATF did rule, but it only applies to explosives. Not Form 1’s. Not Form 4’s. You can still use our Fingerprint Kiosk for your suppressor purchases. I have spoken with SilencerShop and expect an official statement from them later this morning. I’ll update this blog post as soon as I hear from them.