So many folks come into the shop at Fighting Sheep Dog to find out about suppressors, but want to wait until the Hearing Protection Act of 2017 is passed before purchasing one.

The BAD news is that the House won’t even begin to vote on HPA until the END of 2018. But wait! The GOOD news is that…

…you don’t have to wait until then to EASILY buy a suppressor! Especially with the announcement Silencershop made yesterday!

***Please note that Silencershop is in no way trying to circumvent the law. I just needed an attention-getting headline. 🙂 ***

In the past, if you wanted to buy a suppressor and use a trust, you had to drag any friend or family member over the age of 18 (and legally allowed to own a firearm) into the store to do fingerprints and take passport-style photos on their smartphones (an ATF-approved selfie, if you will…)

The problem was either:

  1. Getting everyone into the store to do their photos/prints was like herding cats.
  2. The people you WANTED on the trust didn’t understand what the trust was, so they didn’t want to be on it at all.

But NOW that’s no longer the case.

Enter the Silencershop Single Shot Trust! No trustees! No one but YOU and the ONE SUPPRESSOR on the trust. No additional fingerprints for any of your friends/family, no additional passport-style photos. You can literally file for your suppressor with all the benefits of a trust without leaving the store!

…and you can add your trustees AFTER you get your stamp!

So, here’s what you need to do:

Don’t worry about picking out a suppressor or getting all the details on the trust. We can help you with that from start to finish. Just follow these instructions:

Step 1 – Come to Fighting Sheep Dog. Actually in the store. There’s a variety of choices and honestly a lot of information to try and explain via email or phone.

Step 2 – Talk to any of our staff about what all you’re going to suppress. We have a variety of suppressors both in-stock as well as waiting on stamps, so we can put the suppressor in your hands and let you see what it’ll look and feel like. Our job is to get you as much suppressor as possible without you having to buy several of them unnecessarily!

Step 3 (Optional) – Once we pick out the suppressor (and anything else you’d be interested in), we can apply for 2 years interest-free financing (if you’d like) for ANYTHING we sell in the store. Build a rifle to go on that new suppressor! Get a tricked-out Cerakote job! Whatever you like! With 2 years to pay it off, you’ll have time to get the stamp approved and play with the suppressor before you’ve finished paying it off! Approval typically takes 10 minutes, sometimes less.

If you choose not to take advantage of financing, simply take care of payment at the register! No worries!

Step 4 – Begin your fingerprints on the Silencershop kiosk located in the store at Fighting Sheep Dog. We’re the only Form 4 (suppressor) fingerprint kiosk in a 150 mile radius! Use their app to take your ATF-approved selfie. It sends it directly to them!

***While you’re using the fingerprint kiosk, we’re actually adding the serial number of the suppressor you selected directly from Silencershop’s inventory! No more waiting for the suppressor to get to us first! And if they don’t have the one you want, we have access to just about every suppressor manufacturer out there! We can order it while you’re still in the store!***

Step 5 – Pay for your stamp to file the Form 4, as well as the single shot trust (we’ll help you with that while you’re in the store).

Done and done. You’ve purchased your suppressor and filed your Form 4 with all of the protection of a trust without having to involve anyone else! And when your stamp is approved? Add as many people over the age of 18 (legally allowed to own a firearm) as you like!

This loophole ain’t staying open forever, folks!

Look – they aren’t voting on the HPA anytime soon. And even if they did, you’d do better to have your Form 4 IN-PROGRESS and a suppressor with your name on it than to wait, risk paying more and waiting even longer for it, right?

Come on down to Fighting Sheep Dog TODAY and let’s get your Form 4 submitted while you’re in the store!