We’ve discussed ALMOST every aspect to an AR-15 barrel…almost.

We’re down to chambering, barrel lengths, and contours. Three VERY important subjects when it comes to AR-15 barrels!

Today we’ll discuss chambering. And it’s NOT just as simple as “make sure your barrel is chambered for 5.56mm ammo”.

Put simply, the chambering of an AR barrel determines what kind of ammunition you can shoot out of it.

Yes, chambering in 5.56 allows you to fire either 5.56x45mm ammo or .223 ammo. However, there are a LOT of other calibers/chambering that AR-15s are available in!

For example (and yes, there are links to all the calibers listed below for more information on each one…)

And more!

Choosing the right barrel chambering (as always) just depends on what you’re going to be using the firearm for.

Plinking at the range? 5.56 or .223
Competition? .223 Wylde
Reloading? We love 300 Blackout
Long distance/1000 yard shooting? 6.5 Grendel

See what we mean?

Go through each of the links above (and check back for the 2 “coming soon”) to select the correct chambering for your next AR-15 build!