.50 Beowulf

When someone says, “50 caliber ammo” – what comes to mind?

  • Knockdown power of a small tank?
  • Able to penetrate vehicle engines in a single bound?
  • Body armor, double-thick cinderblocks, and concealment rendered powerless and pointless?

    .50 Beowulf next to a 5.56 round

    .50 Beowulf next to a 5.56 round

Yeah, me too.

NOW what if I told you that the same, insanely powerful round could be (and has successfully been) chambered into an AR-15? In fact, the 80% carbon fiber lowers from FMK that we carry in our shop on a regular basis are tested up to a .50 Beowulf!

How can this be? How can such a beefy round possibly fit into the same lower as a smaller 5.56?

For starters, the 5.56’s chamber pressure is 50,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Wanna guess what the .50 Beowulf’s chamber pressure is? 33,000 PSI!!! That means the bolt velocity is the same as the 5.56, so the stress on the lower is almost non-existent.

But the .50 Beowulf is soooo much more than just power!

The overall case length is 1.655″, meaning that the .50 caliber round will feed through a standard AR-15 magazine…providing you cut the lip back a bit to accommodate the larger round. While the 5.56 can double stack, the .50 Beowulf will feed through the mag in a single stack.

So – all the look and feel of a 5.56 with the knockdown power of a .50? Nice.

Used by the Marine Corps in Afghanistan at checkpoints for vehicles that refuse to stop (suicide-attacks), this game-changer allows for dead-eye accuracy while utilizing the engine-penetrating power of the .50 cal.

The one major drawback? Currently, the only manufacturer of the .50 Beowulf round is Alexander Arms. Without competition to drive down the price, they can pretty much ask whatever they want for it (providing the buying public will pay it).

For the money, this is pound-for-pound THE best weapon to have in your arsenal if you plan on protecting your home against long-distance assailants.

And come on – it’s just plain cool, too.

FSD is an Alexander Arms dealer and can build you a .50 Beowulf! Check out more details here!