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We’re always sad to hear when another small business closes it’s doors. So when we heard that Predator Custom ended it’s multiple-year operation today, we wanted to take a moment and let them know that we were sorry to see them go.

We also realize that this may leave a hole for many of you who had custom rifles built (or planned on building) through Predator Custom. If that’s the case, we’re happy to step in and try to fill their shoes. Fighting Sheep Dog is accomplished at building much more than AR-15s.

Bring your Remington 700s, your AK-47s, any bolt action, 1911, or any other firearm to our gunsmiths at Fighting Sheep Dog and let us impress you. You still have time to have your firearm Cerakoted before Christmas, too!

Don’t forget to support your local small businesses to prevent another, like Predator Custom Shop, from closing it’s doors.

Remember, “Buy local, shop local!”

Name: Jennifer Price

Birthday: August 8

City/State of Residence: Nashville, Tennessee

First Gun Ever Shot: Browning single shot shotgun

Favorite Gun to Shoot Now: 357 Sig Sauer and of course, AR-15

In My Spare Time, I Like To: Hike, Paint/Craft, Watch Movies and Explore New Places

Aspirations: Empower others, Learn self defense and firearms safety, Become successful as a Real Estate Agent. I have many passions and love to learn. My last career was a Probation & Parole Officer for the state of Virginia. I supervised an intensive caseload of domestic violence offenders.



Photos courtesy of Oleg Volk.

Walmart-WMT-Stock-News1Looks like yet another company is willing to throw the right’s of it’s customers to the wolves in an attempt to appease the masses of sheeple. This time, it’s Wal-Mart.

They’re ceasing the sales of all ARs.

Coming from the same company who immediately pulled Confederate flags from their shelves in the wake of the Charleston shooting, I’m not surprised.

According to Slate.com, in December of 2012 there were 3.3 Million ARs in the United States.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), in December 2014, there were 8.3 Million ARs in the United States.

That’s 5 MILLION ARs sold in a 2 year period. And Wal-Mart cites slow sales?

Don’t worry, not only are they ceasing sales of ARs, but anything MSR-related (18″ barreled shotguns, even 22lrs that resemble ARs). Even any accessories for the same firearms.

Odd that Fighting Sheep Dog can build an entire store based on the one thing Wal-Mart said isn’t selling.

There’s something rotten in the state of Bentonville.

Further digging might uncover that a major shareholder for Wal-Mart is a church in New York who’s been putting pressure on the company for YEARS to move away from firearms.

Guess you’ll have to find a veteran-owned, pro-2A, small business from which to buy your ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories from. And I think I know JUST the store. 🙂


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