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In today’s Background Check: FMK Firearms.FMK-Firearms-Logo

It’s easy to dismiss FMK.

I mean – a firearms manufacturer…in California? But that’s the EXACT reason that FMK founder, James Pontillo II started the company back in 2001.

Add to that the fact that they produce 100% of their firearms INSIDE the borders of the same notoriously anti-gun state, and you’ve got a recipe for something great!

Here are a few reasons why we at FSD love working with FMK:

1. Patriotism: They make no bones about their love of this great country. Spending 5 minutes on their website will tell you that. It’s VERY refreshing to find a firearms manufacturer that not only stands up for what they believe in, but laughs in the face of those who would challenge those beliefs.

2. Lifetime Guarantee: FMK offers a Lifetime OF THE GUN Guarantee on all of their firearms. That includes their 9C1 Glock-like 9mm pistol as well as their AR-1 Extreme multi-caliber polymer AR lower. We carry both of their firearms in our shop.

And they stand behind that guarantee! We’ve had TWO lowers come back due to malfunction (and if you knew how many we’ve sold…2 is a DROP in the bucket!) We shipped them to FMK who promptly UPGRADED the lowers to their new and improved 2nd Gen AR-1 Extreme – a beefier, firmer lower than it’s predecessor, the AR-1 Patriot.

A FREE UPGRADE without asking? That’s what we call service!

FMK AR-1 Lower comes with a great quote from Thomas Jefferson and a Lifetime Guarantee!

FMK AR-1 Lower comes with a great quote from Thomas Jefferson and a Lifetime Guarantee!

3. Availability of their Staff: Our main contact at FMK is their president, David Wolfe. He and his staff are not only easy to reach via phone or email, but they’re REAL PEOPLE as well! A joy to deal with and all-around nice folks. They truly WANT to hear from their customers and are happy to help. We like that!

4. Made 100% in America: It’s one thing to be “patriotic”…but it’s another thing altogether to practice what you preach. FMK could easily have their parts made elsewhere and trucked in…but they choose to manufacture 100% of their parts within the borders of the United States (in California, specifically). Many firearms manufacturers have started shipping their materials in from overseas – but not FMK.

We buy American whenever possible. That’s what makes buying from FMK a no-brainer.

According to their website:

FMK Firearms is presently the only pistol manufacturer in California. All FMK pistol’s are engineered, tooled, injection molded, assembled and tested in our facility. Years of experience are behind every pistol manufactured to assure that FMK provides a high-quality firearm.

FMK 9C1 Gen II

FMK 9C1 comes with the Bill of Rights engraved into the slide!

5. Fun to Shoot: Their 9C1 and AR-1 Extreme lowers are just fun to shoot. Period. The attention to detail, the lightweight feel – it all makes taking their firearms out to the range an ENJOYABLE experience. You aren’t left guessing whether the gun will go off when you pull the trigger. It’s just good, clean shooting.

In fact, American Rifleman did a great writeup on the 9C1! Check it out:

At the end of the day, you need a firearms manufacturer that actually BELIEVES in what they’re doing (and are willing to stand up for those beliefs).

You need a firearms manufacturer that not only produces a phenomenal product, but stands behind it all the way.

FMK promises, and delivers. Period. We’re happy to stand behind them and their products for as long as they’re in business.

We’ve been a Leaper’s/UTG dealer for a while, almost since the day we opened our doors. In fact, we have their optics on every one of our personal-use rifles!UTG logo

A lot of you may not be familiar with the company – even though their accessories appear on firearms you have in your possession right now!

A recent article in Shotgun News shed some light on one of the many, many reasons we LOVE Leapers scopes, accessories, and rifle parts. Here are just a few:

1. Leapers is the epitome of the American Dream: Leapers was founded by couple David and Tina Ding. David, a former Taiwanese police officer who followed his wife to America when she came to earn her Masters in Sociology at the University of Chicago.

Knowing ZERO English, David experienced a series of events (from becoming a computer language programmer for the Ford Motor Company to reading Guns & Ammo magazine in order to learn the language) which prepared him for success.

It was his love of our country and all that it stands for that made David Ding want to start a business here. And where else would an immigrant in search of the American dream put his future empire? Just outside of Detroit, MI, of course!

2. Leapers’ optics are some of the most reliable in the business: Some shops are content to be “as good as their competition” while having all of their parts made overseas. Not Leapers.

  • Leapers scopes are machines from solid aluminum billets, not just thin tubes like most scopes are.
  • The extra-strong coiled springs give them a greater range of adjustment. This is why Leapers’ scopes can adjust down to just 9 feet (perfect for airgunners) in some products.
  • The top scopes in their line have etched-glass reticles instead of wire (think: extra precision and resistance to recoil).
  • When the illumination is turned on? Most scopes light up the entire inside of the scope tube. Leaper’s scopes only light up the crosshairs, giving a better line of sight to what you’re aiming for.

UTG 3-9X32 Compact CQB Bug Buster AO RGB Scope w/ Med. Picatinny Rings, 2" Sunshade

3. Leapers is always pushing the envelope: Not content to merely be “better than their competition”, Leapers holds team meetings 5 days a week to pass around prototypes and test out flexibility, adjustability, and range on scopes for rifles, crossbows, and any other type of firearm.

Sure, it’d be easy to get to the top of the heap and celebrate…but these guys don’t rest on their laurels! They’re constantly pushing to have better adjustments on their scopes, tighter fittings, and truly provide optics and mil-spec firearms accessories of a higher quality for extremely reasonable prices.

This includes AR, AK, Saiga, H&K, FN, SKS, and other firearm types – even Garand and M1 Carbines!

Leapers knows that, by focusing on what the customers WANT instead of what’s CONVENIENT for them to make, that they can dominate the market and even get better pricing than Chinese manufacturers! Their corporate slogan is “The Best Never Rest!”

As a stocking dealer for Leaper’s, Fighting Sheep Dog is PROUD to offer their full line of optics, accessories, and even Airsoft guns.

If there’s anything you need to order and don’t see it on our website, just let us know and, like Leaper’s, we’ll do everything within our power to make it happen.

Leapers/UTG Double Mag PouchUTG 4x32 cqbUTG 4in red dot