There are a variety of handguard accessories available for ARs today.

Some are a modular tube, some are quad rails, some are triangle-shaped, etc.Precision-Reflex-Gen-III-Delta-shaped-AR-forearm-courtesy-precisionreflex_com-

Some come with circular holes in the guard in order to lighten it up. Others have integrated picatinny/weaver rails to allow for more accessories to be placed on the AR.

For most gun-enthusiasts’ purposes, we prefer a quad rail. Why?

The quad rail allows for multiple mounts (scopes, flashlights, lasers, bipods, foregrip, etc). Having a quad rail would allow for multiple mounts without having to CHOOSE which accessory you think you’ll need most. In addition, you won’t be mounting/removing pieces each time you change the use of your AR.

For quad rails, you just can’t beat Leapers UTG new Super Slim line of Free-Float Handguards.

Seriously, these things are COOL.

For example, they’re literally half the weight of a normal quad rail (shaving off as much as a half pound off your rifle). They’re made specifically to accommodate low-profile gas blocks, too!

The continuous rails butt completely up to an A3 flat top, creating a more seamless transition.

The coolest feature is that they come with 3 2-slot detachable rails for the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. So if you don’t NEED the extra rails? Leave em off. If you WANT them, they’re there!

The Super Slim Free Float Handguards come in 3 sizes to fit your AR forend needs:

  • Rifle ($129.97)
  • Carbine ($109.97)
  • Mid-Length ($119.97)

FSD is a stocking dealer for Leaper’s UTG and are happy to order any of the items they sell for you! If you don’t see it listed in our shop, give us a call at 865-730-0585 and let us know what you’re looking for! Leaper’s UTG traditionally ships and is to our door in under 5 days.

Leapers Carbine-Length Super Slim Free Float Handguard

Leapers Carbine-Length Super Slim Free Float Handguard