Lower Receivers

AR1 lowerWe have FMK AR-1 stripped carbon fiber lowers in stock!

What’s so great about these lowers? I’m glad you asked!

These lowers are:

  • Made in America
  • Multi-caliber (tested to a .50 Beowulf)
  • Come with a LIFETIME warranty
  • Compatible with most AR-15 lower parts kits, grips, and stocks.
  • Mil spec

Only $79.00 while supplies last!
Call the shop at 865-730-0585 and order yours today!

If you plan on having this item shipped, you MUST have an FFL dealer. We can take your order over the phone (while we still have em in stock) so you don’t miss your oppourtunity to grab these while they’re in. Then, you (or your FFL) can call us with your FFL information.

If you’re coming by the shop to pick it up, be prepared for the mandatory TBI background check (the cost is included in the price above). Yes, even though this isn’t a completed rifle, the ATF considers this a firearm and is subject to a background check.