Ordering a firearm from another dealer? No problem! We will never fault you for looking for the best deal!

You can easily have your gun shipped to our shop for pick-up!

If you’re having your FFL dealer ship a firearm to us, simply have that shop or store contact us via email or phone at 865-730-0585.

If you’re shipping your firearm to us for repair or refinishing:

  • Handguns should be shipped via UPS or FedEx.
  • LONGGUNS ONLY (rifles and shotguns) can be shipped through the mail (USPS) without an FFL (Federal Firearms License) number.
  • If shipping using the firearms’ original box (which is the preferred method) wrapped in PLAIN BROWN PAPER. At no point should you denote that the box contains a firearm.
  • In case the person behind the counter isn’t familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the shipment of firearms, it is advised that you print out the regulations for that particular carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc) and carry it with you.
  • Handguns can only be shipped via UPS or FedEx for non-FFL holders. Do not attempt to use a FedEx Kinkos or UPS Store for shipping firearms. You must use the pickup/drop off location for UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Questions about mailing regulations and shipping? The following links should help you out: