For us to receive a transfer firearm on your behalf, you must complete ALL fields listed on this page prior to the firearm being shipped to us.

Cost per Transfer: $10 plus $10 TBI fee. For anyone and everyone.

Transfer Requirements:
All firearms shipped to us MUST come with proper documentation from the seller/shipper. If an individual is the seller/shipper then they MUST supply a LEGIBLE copy of their current driver’s license complete with a GOOD, CLEAR, easily viewable, PHOTOGRAPH. If the seller/shipper is a licensed firearm dealer we must have a copy of the seller/shipper’s valid FFL.

A Shipping Dealer MUST enclose an ink signed copy of their FFL along with invoice or packing slip indicating purchaser name and firearm details including serial number with the gun.

If any of these items are missing from the shipment we will be forced to hold the firearm until such items which are required by law are supplied.

To transfer a gun to Fighting Sheep Dog, please fill out the information below. If we do not have an FFL for you on file, we will email or call you upon receipt of your transfer request.

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