With a forged lower receiver, the metal is heated to a rocket hot temperature, and then molded into the proper form This method compresses the metal and makes it very strong. Often times the trigger guard isn’t included, which allows you to further customize your AR (will you be wearing gloves to shoot during the winter? Is there a separate trigger guard you’ve had your eye on, maybe in a different metal composition or color?)

Billet lower receivers are machined from a single block of metal (usually aluminum or steel). Billeted lowers tend to have the trigger guard built in, meaning it is not removable. They also tend to cost considerably more than a forged lower.

There are obviously pros and cons to each type of lower. Check them out for yourself and determine which is right for you.

Here’s an example of a billet lower:

billet lower

Here’s an example of a forged AeroPrecision lower, sold in our shop and online:

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