Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or suppressors/SBRs aren’t your thing) you know that the deadline for the new ATF regulations (41F) is looming.

Lemme back up and ‘splain:

Right now, if you were to use an NFA Trust purchase a suppressor, short barreled rifle (SBR), or any other items which fall under the National Firearms Act of 1934 you wouldn’t need fingerprints, passport-style photos, or law enforcement sign-off. The trust owns the NFA item, you own the trust.

For several years, the ATF has been trying to rule on 41P, stating that anyone purchasing an NFA item with a trust must submit fingerprints and passport-style photos for EVERY TRUSTEE appearing in the trust. However, for the ATF to make any changes, they must open the change up to comments and complaints from the public. In fact, they’re still weeding through the 310,000+ complaints they received when they tried to ban green-tipped ammo. They just don’t have the manpower to pass something like 41P.

In steps the Department of Justice who says, “We don’t have to get anyone’s permission to make any changes. We just do it.” And so on January 4, 2016 the Attorney General signed 41F (their name for 41P) to take effect July 13, 2016.

41F essentially gets rid of law enforcement sign-off altogether. However, it requires passport-style photos and fingerprints for EVERY TRUSTEE on the trust.

Ordinarily, this would spell DOOM for the suppressor industry. Who wants to drag their family all over creation in order to get fingerprints every time they want to purchase a suppressor?


However, you have a secret weapon in your back pocket. You shop at Fighting Sheep Dog. We’ve always tried to be your one-stop-shop and this is no different.

On July 13th, we will be the ONLY shop in the area to have our own fingerprint kiosk right in the store.

“But Rachel,” you say “I still have to drag my wife down to get fingerprints every time I get a suppressor or SBR and our schedules are so hard to coordinate.”

Never fret, FSD Nation, we’ve got you.

The fingerprint kiosk will keep your fingerprints handy. So bring any of your trustees down to FSD once, use the fingerprint kiosk, and you’ll have them handy for any other NFA item you may wish to purchase. They’ll submit them for you automatically!

“But Rachel,” you say “I still have to get passport-style photos and that’s not one-stop if I have to go get them elsewhere.”

Stop worrying, FSD Fam, you’re covered.

The kiosk also comes with a FREE app for your phone to allow you to take selfies that are ATF approved for trust paperwork!

So you can use your phone, our fingerprint kiosk, and never leave the store to submit any NFA paperwork when 41F takes effect on July 13th.

Who loves ya, baby?

Fighting Sheep Dog and the fingerprint kiosk – just another way that we do our best to make exercising your Second Amendment Rights as easy as possible.