At Fighting Sheep Dog, we see an awful lot of patriotic American customers who come in, excited about the possibility of the passage of the Hearing Protection Act.

And who can blame them? The mere thought of having suppressors removed from the NFA list brings a tear to the eye.

No more waiting.
No more $200 stamp.
Just buy a suppressor the same way you would a firearm through an FFL.

While we can certainly understand the draw of wanting to wait to purchase a suppressor until the government decides one way or the other whether or not to pass it, there are a few things we think you should consider:

Let’s assume they pass the Act tomorrow with flying colors.

The demand for suppressors will be tremendous. People excitedly buying anything they can get their hands on – like first time mothers at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving.

With so much demand – what will that do to supply?

It means the same suppressor you didn’t want to wait a year for your stamp on…now you’ll now wait a year just to have in your hand.

With so much demand, what will that do to prices?

Manufacturers will raise prices to meet what the public are asking for.

So the same suppressor you didn’t want to wait a year for your stamp on…now you’ll now wait a year just to have in your hand…

…and pay more for it.

Are we saying the HPA won’t pass? Who knows? Trump has certainly ruffled enough feathers already and is showing that he’s ready to turn this country around for the better.

However, he’s ONLY the president. There are still hoops to jump through.

Of course, we’ve never heard of a government agency willing to stop taxing it’s citizens, solely because they no longer want to pay a tax that the same agency has collected several million dollars in revenue in 2016 alone. Certainly not to GIVE BACK money they’ve already collected.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll take suppressors off the NFA list if people keep paying the $200 stamp. Maybe they’re putting everything in the bill in order to have some bargaining chips for negotiation.

In the end, waiting to purchase your suppressor is only going to result in one thing…you having to wait longer to get the item you could have had sooner if you had just made the jump when you started thinking about it.

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