We’re on a mission this week. Maybe because of our extreme distaste for Lane Kiffin. Maybe we just aren’t Alabama fans. Maybe, we just love our home team. Either way, we’re going to do everything we can to keep Bama from winning.

Skill on the football field and a good coach are key to winning games. However, there IS something that UT fans can do help the team along. Here’s how:

Call it Black Magic. Call it Voodoo. Call it Simple Superstition.

But college football is RIPE with it. Players go through rituals each game to help their team win. So do fans.power-t

  • Some have figured out that if they don’t watch the first half of the game, the 2nd half is always more exciting.
  • Some fans claim that if they only watch the game on a certain television, that their team will win.
  • Some fans have a certain chair that they HAVE to sit in the entire game.

Either way, we’ve done some digging and found Bama’s biggest fears. We thought it’d be fun to spend the next 2.5 days exploiting them before the game:

Superstition: Bama fans refuse to sing the school’s fight song, “Rammer Jammer YellowHammer” until a Crimson Tide victory is assured. If another team sings it or if it’s sung too soon, it’s BAD LUCK.

So We Will: Sing the either/both fight song (UT or Bama) with each purchase from today until kickoff on Saturday. The only thing better than sending bad luck to Alabama…is sending good luck to Big Orange! All singers (regardless of which song, UT or Bama) will receive an additional 10% off your purchase from Thursday 10/13 to Saturday 10/15 (and yes, that includes birthday sale items if you’re on our email list).

Superstition: Bama fans pick ONE article of clothing to become their outfit of choice each time Bama plays. Of course, UT fans do the same.

So We Will: Wear your UT clothing of choice any (or every) day between Thursday and Saturday before the game (we don’t care how it smells). Ours is a UT hat that belonged to Rachel’s late uncle. It’s tattered and needs to be washed, but UT has won every game that she’s worn that hat for. So…every UT fan who comes in wearing orange gets a special discount that we aren’t publishing here. And don’t ask. If you aren’t wearing orange, you don’t get it.

Superstition: Halloween is Bama head coach Nick Saban’s birthday. Typically, Bama fans dress up as Saban for the holiday.

So We Will: There isn’t really a superstition involving Saban’s birthday. Or Lane Kiffin, for that matter. But we dislike Kiffin more than Saban, so you’ll get 10% off your Cerakote job by saying, “Lane Kiffin is a douche” when you drop off a firearm (or accessory) to be refinished.

So, whether you’re a die-hard UT fan (or just love a good discount), stop in today or tomorrow and take advantage of these great deals! They sure won’t last long!