Let’s pretend that I didn’t originally watch this video in hopes of seeing that bastard, Piers Morgan, get put in his place.

Ok, I did. But that’s beside the point.

The video you’re about to watch was taken from a Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, OH. The stats they’re about to share are both refreshing and eye-opening. (Someone forgot to remind the media of their liberal agenda here!)

FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

By the way, Piers – I don’t recall the last time I heard about people risking their lives in rowboats in order to get to England. And yet, they do it to get to AMERICA daily. Hourly. In droves.

This is yet another example of the leftists saying it’s one way…and the truth revealing something completely different.

A gun store owner in North Georgia can’t capitalize on the surge in gun sales. At least, not with the local law enforcement.

You see, this store owner stopped sales of semi-automatic rifles to non-law enforcement personnel, shortly after the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut.

The local sheriff is standing up for the rights of the people he Protects and Serves by saying that he’ll no longer spend tax-payer dollars (nor his own money) in that store.

Want my opinion? The sheriff understands that the guns aren’t the problem.

The gun shop owner? Well, he just hopes the hordes of angry democrats who will vote for the gun ban or any other alterations to the Bill of Rights will eat him last. And that’s all any of them hope to do.

The liberal scum who would push to have our 2nd Amendment Rights taken away via a gun ban or by severely limiting our access to firearms or ammunition are only doing so in hopes that they can stay on the ‘good side’ of the lawmakers, and therefore be ‘eaten last’. Oh, they’ll be swallowed up just like the rest of us. They’re only hoping to delay the inevitable.

The article I read goes on to suggest that many more law enforcement and military personnel may have to make similar choices soon.

Read the whole article here: http://www.examiner.com/article/oath-keeping-sheriffs-provide-sharp-contrast-to-oath-breaking-general

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