I’ve been hearing a LOT of folks recently stating that they want to purchase a firearm, but that they don’t want to register it.

Actually, I’ve heard it often enough that I wanted to “arm” you with the proper tools to educate you on what happens when you buy a gun from Fighting Sheep Dog.

According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), the only firearms which need to be registered are:

  •  Machine guns;
  • The frames or receivers of machine guns;
  • Any combination of parts designed and intended for use in converting weapons into machine guns;
  • Any part designed and intended solely and exclusively for converting a weapon into a machine gun;
  • Any combination of parts from which a machine gun can be assembled if the parts are in the possession or under the control of a person;
  • Silencers and any part designed and intended for fabricating a silencer;
  • Short-barreled rifles;
  • Short-barreled shotguns;
  • Destructive devices; and,
  • “Any other weapon.”

A few examples of destructive devices are:

  • Molotov cocktails;
  • Anti-tank guns (over caliber .50);
  • Bazookas; and,
  • Mortars.

A few examples of “any other weapon” are:

  • H&R Handyguns;
  • Ithaca Auto-Burglar guns;
  • Cane guns; and,
  • Gadget-type firearms and “pen” guns which fire a projectile by the action of an explosive.

So you see – if you buy a Taurus “Slim” 9mm (we have 2 in stock)- you aren’t REGISTERING the pistol. In fact, the only reason the serial number is even used in the background check is to verify that the gun isn’t stolen before you buy it!

Buying a firearm doesn’t have to be a scary process.

If you’d like, check out our Step-By-Step Guide to Purchasing a Firearm. It’ll answer a lot of questions regarding the proper identification you need to bring, what happens during each step of the gun-buying process, and more.

Don’t want to read the Guide? Call us at the shop at 865-730-0585!

We’re more than happy to answer any and all questions you’ve got on finding the firearm that’s right for YOU (whether it’s for home defense, concealed carry, or if it’s your VERY FIRST gun and you don’t know what to buy). TRUST ME – there’s no silly question. We want to know what’s on your mind in order to help you purchase a gun you’re EXCITED about – not one you’re scared to shoot because it’s either too big, too heavy, or doesn’t fit what you’re looking for!

We’re excited to work with you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Due to changes in the current Administration, we recognize that the likelihood of prices going through the roof, the ban of “assault” weapons and high capacity magazines, plus the “Universal Background Checks” protocol being implemented – we know that things are NOT about to change for the good in the firearms industry.

With that being said, we at Fighting Sheep Dog have always had a NO-GOUGE policy on everything we do. And that will never change.

So, beginning today, all firearm transfers to our facility will be only $10 plus the $10 TBI fee.

Obama may want to steal your guns. But we want to protect them.

If you’re purchasing a firearm elsewhere and want to have it transferred to our facility, check out the Transfer page to get all the information you’ll need.

Again – we value your patronage and look forward to serving you soon!

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Let’s pretend that I didn’t originally watch this video in hopes of seeing that bastard, Piers Morgan, get put in his place.

Ok, I did. But that’s beside the point.

The video you’re about to watch was taken from a Fox affiliate in Cincinnati, OH. The stats they’re about to share are both refreshing and eye-opening. (Someone forgot to remind the media of their liberal agenda here!)

FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather

By the way, Piers – I don’t recall the last time I heard about people risking their lives in rowboats in order to get to England. And yet, they do it to get to AMERICA daily. Hourly. In droves.

This is yet another example of the leftists saying it’s one way…and the truth revealing something completely different.

A gun store owner in North Georgia can’t capitalize on the surge in gun sales. At least, not with the local law enforcement.

You see, this store owner stopped sales of semi-automatic rifles to non-law enforcement personnel, shortly after the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut.

The local sheriff is standing up for the rights of the people he Protects and Serves by saying that he’ll no longer spend tax-payer dollars (nor his own money) in that store.

Want my opinion? The sheriff understands that the guns aren’t the problem.

The gun shop owner? Well, he just hopes the hordes of angry democrats who will vote for the gun ban or any other alterations to the Bill of Rights will eat him last. And that’s all any of them hope to do.

The liberal scum who would push to have our 2nd Amendment Rights taken away via a gun ban or by severely limiting our access to firearms or ammunition are only doing so in hopes that they can stay on the ‘good side’ of the lawmakers, and therefore be ‘eaten last’. Oh, they’ll be swallowed up just like the rest of us. They’re only hoping to delay the inevitable.

The article I read goes on to suggest that many more law enforcement and military personnel may have to make similar choices soon.

Read the whole article here: http://www.examiner.com/article/oath-keeping-sheriffs-provide-sharp-contrast-to-oath-breaking-general

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As a proud Marine Corps family, we’ve always supported Toys for Tots every year. During his time in the Marine Corps, John was able to participate in the program and deliver the toys to children. It had a profound impact on him. Also, because the Toys for Tots program does not accept money, is volunteer-only and only takes toys, you don’t see the same level of fraud that you would in other charities.

No expiration date, no limit on the number of certificates. GIVE a toy and help brighten the Christmas of a needy child and RECEIVE a pretty great gift in return! Giving and receiving – a win-win for everyone!

Make sure you’ve written down the serial numbers to ALL of your firearms and keep them in a safe place. In the event of a theft, you’ll want to have them to report to the ATF and the police!