Several manufacturers have offered rebates recently, and it occurred to us that our customers might not know about it!

Of course, if you haven’t purchased any of these items, but would like to, we’re happy to special order anything on your wish list! It’s our pleasure!

Check the list below and see if you qualify for any existing rebates! (Guns/ammo AND get money back? That’s win-win!) Continue reading

  • Woman in city at nightWhether you live on a college campus and have to walk alone in the dark to get back to your dorm…
  • Whether you have an ex that has been accused of stalking or that you fear my hurt you…
  • Whether the hairs on the back of your neck are telling you that you might not be safe…

My Force can be there during your greatest need! It’s like having your own personal police escort wherever you go! Continue reading

Question: I have been wanting to do a 6.5 Grendel build, and in my online searches, I found a page on your website with some good info on it. Do you guys have and 20-24″ barrels/bolts for the 6.5 Grendel available?

I did some research but I am not real clear on whether or not you can shoot 6.5 grendel ammo out of a .264 LBC barrel? Can you educate me on what barrel it is and what ammo I can run? Continue reading

John recommends using red Loctite but NOT ON THE SET SCREWS.

1. Wipe the red Loctite around the barrel (a very thin coat).
2. Slide the block on, making sure it’s oriented properly.
3. Use fingernail polish on the set screws after they’ve been put in properly.

Keep in mind that, if the block isn’t on correctly, the gun will never cycle correctly. This is a pretty big deal, so quadruple check everything.

Old Man Winter has officially started breathing down the necks of shooting enthusiasts across the country. And unless you live in Florida, you’re feeling the effects of the frigid temps if you’re shooting outdoors.

The problem is, your firearms are feeling the effects too! Continue reading