We have 3 packages available to increase the accuracy and reliability of your AK-47 or AK-74!


Marksman Package – $150

  1.  Polish Bolt Locking Lugs
  2. Inspect BCG
  3. Inspect Head Spaces
  4. Inspect Crown
  5. Polish Hammer


Sharp Shooter Package – $250:

  1. Includes all services from Marksman package, plus:
  2. Gas Piston Chamfered and Polished
  3. Gas Block Chamfered and Polished
  4. Complete Trigger Job

Expert Package – $450:


  1. Includes all services from Sharp Shooter Package, plus:
  2. BCG Match Work, which includes –
    • Complete Polishing and Chamfering of All Wear Surfaces
    • Rails Chamfered and Polished
    • Front Trunion Locking Lug Surfaces Chamfered and Polished
    • Chamber Polished
    • Feed Ramp Polished
    • Barrel Face Polished

Come into the shop at let us know which package works best for you. We’re always happy to help and give a lifetime guarantee on our work!