The shop at Fighting Sheep Dog has a unique set up. Yes, we specialize in ARs. But we don’t typically stock built lower receivers or built uppers. Why? Because you can walk into our shop empty-handed and PICK OUT everything you want for your firearm, right off the shelf!

We have a variety of different types of lowers in stock – forged and billet aluminum and more! You can choose your lower, your buttstock, and your lower parts kit. We can build the lower while you wait!

lowers We carry multiple lengths and types of rails and forends. You can pick your rail, your gas tube, your gas block, sights, and more! We have a VARIETY of every single part and piece you need for your AR build. We’ve even designed and created our own comp/hider that you can ONLY GET IN OUR STORE! We can build your complete upper while you wait!

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Builds take approximately 30 minutes once you’ve picked out your parts.

Parts installation (whether it’s a lower, upper, or the entire gun when purchased from our store) is only $35!

The best part? We’re HAPPY to answer any and all questions!

  • Wanna know what the gunsmith has on his personal AR? We’ll show you!
  • Wanna know why you’d want a low-profile gas block over a rail-height gas block? We’ll go over what you’re using the AR for and make sure you get the parts and accessories that are right for you!
  • Wanna grab some tool and try your hand at assembling it yourself? We can show you which tools you’ll need!

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Because we do all of the work in-house, you can pick the parts to make the AR *YOUR GUN* – customized to exactly what you want!

We have multiple manufacturers to choose from: Troy, Midwest Industries, Magpul, Bravo Company, UTG/Leapers, Mission First Tactical, CMMG, Spike’s Tactical, HexMag, CMC, KNS, Black Rain Ordnance, and much, much more!

And if this is your first AR ever? We’ll even provide you with a shopping list so you know what parts you need! Mark off the ones you purchase while you’re in the store, then keep the list so you know what you’ll need the next time you come in.

Our goal is to make certain that you build the AR you WANT – not what some manufacturer wants you to buy right off the shelf (although we carry those, too).

Stop by and see us today to get started on your first (or next) AR build!

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