Trigger Work

1911 Clones- All models- Basic-$95   Deluxe-$145 & up

Glock – All models   Basic-$95   Deluxe-$125

Berretta- All models  Basic-$95  Deluxe- $145 & up

Other Models will be added soon.

Explanation of Service:

Step 1 – Pistol is inspected for wear and proper function, if wear/improper fuction is found customer will be notified for approval to repair. otherwise full detail strip cleaning is done.

Step 2 – trigger pull weight is recorded  over a 10 pull average. (please note we do not “lighten” below factory spec see our legal notice on this for further explanation).

Step 3 – basic: all trigger system componets surfaces are polished to remove blimises, tool marks, and other imperfections.  Decreeping of hammer/ sear componets

Step 3 – deluxe: same as basic with the added choices of aftermarket parts and spring choices.

Step 4 – all parts are tested for proper function and pistol is test fired for 10 rounds, 5 single shots and 5 rapid fire to ensure the pistol fucntions safely.

Step 5 – trigger pull weight is rerecorded over a 10 pull average. if all Q/A checks come back ok , customer is called for pickup.

Sites Installed – $35

Pistol Bore Coating Service – $45

             Explanation of service: Chemical bore treatment produces a permanent, significant reduction in fouling, so you can shoot more and clean less often. When you do clean, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic wad or sabot fouling come out much more easily than from an untreated bore. A typical pistol may need only a few passes with wet and dry patches to get down to the bare metal, even after firing hundreds of shots. No hard scrubbing with bronze/stainless steel brushes, or harsh copper- and lead-removing solvents. only .25 microns thick, so it has no effect on velocity, point of impact, or group size. It will last the useful life of the bore.

Custom 1911 Pistol Builds – Request Quote

Custom Conceled Carry Builds – Request Quote

Night Stand Pistol Builds – Request Quote

Duty Carry Pistol Builds – Request Quote