I probably answer the “What’s going on with silencers?” question a dozen or more times a day. Literally. With the Governor of Tennessee passing the “Tennessee Hearing Protection Act”, what does that mean? Can we all run out and make/carry suppressors now? The short answer is no. Well, not yet. Here’s what I mean by that…

Yes, it’s true. On May 9, 2017 Gov. Bill Haslam signed the “Tennessee Hearing Protection Act” into law. HOWEVER, that is only ONE step towards easier suppressor ownership for all.

After all, it’s called the NATIONAL Firearms Act…

When the Tennessee Firearms Association (TFA) first brought to light the fact that there was a Tennessee version of the HPA floating out there, I asked John Harris, founder of the TFA and Second Amendment attorney in Nashville about it.

I asked, “I noticed on the email that the TFA sent out, that there are current bills in both the TN House and Senate to take suppressors off of the restricted list. However, the N in NFA stands for national. If the bills pass in Tennessee, does that change anything? Or do we still have to wait until the end of 2018 at the earliest for the Federal House and Senate to vote?”

He said that “Ultimately it will need to pass in both. However, if it passes in Congress first, the TN law on the books now still makes it a local crime to have them. So, both need to happen.”

Make sense?

So, even though the STATE has passed the HPA law, we still have to wait on Washington…and they aren’t looking at it until the END of next year (2018). Word is that they’re waiting until after mid-term elections to ensure that it’s got MORE than enough votes.

“That’s great and all, Rachel. But in the meantime, what does that mean for me RIGHT NOW?”

Well, for starters, I’ve mentioned multiple times before that you shouldn’t wait until the national HPA passes! Even if they passed it tomorrow, you’ll PAY MORE and WAIT LONGER for a suppressor (that’s Capitalism 101 – Supply and Demand, folks).

At the very least, talk to one of our representatives at Fighting Sheep Dog and let us assist you to find the suppressor you want and get a serial number assigned to you. That way, if they pass the HPA tomorrow, it’s a matter of coming in the store and picking yours up, not waiting in line like everyone else.

Want to read more about the bill? Here’s a great article that explains the pros (and cons) of the TN HPA: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2017/05/signed-by-the-governor-tennessee-bill-decriminalizes-firearm-silencers/